vincent van gogh

"What is done in love 
is done well."

Hi, I'm Rose, owner and photographer at New Willow Photography.  I'm inspired by life's story and dedicate my days capturing authentic moments between people looking to document their life's truth, beauty, and most importantly, love.  

My love of photography began at home cherishing my childhood photos and continues in documenting my own children.  I tell stories about our lives. For me, life is about the bonds between those I love.  These bonds are constantly fueled by joy, wonder, and a love so deep.  It is my greatest honor creating emotive, treasured portraits for families to cherish for generations to come. 

When I'm not photographing I enjoy cooking "pancake day" on weekends,  exploring hiking trails, and visiting  old record stores.  I am moved by anything involving piano and strings, nature, and light.  

Life is full of love & adventure and I want to preserve that.  



I’m a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and Magic Hour Foundation, a national network of professional photographers who serve individuals and families fighting cancer. Giving back to my community is incredibly important to me. Photographs are a priceless art form which is why photography is so important to me. 

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