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May 17, 2018

Peace Restored Organizing: Business Spotlight

 Peace Restored Organizing

Professional Home Organizer

I know when it comes to our homes and our things, it gets personal.  I know this is true especially for people who struggle with chronic disorganization or for people who are in certain situations or stress.  As a photographer that provides prints that evoke memories and emotions, this spotlight hits home in so many ways.  Denise is a sweet, tender-hearted person who looks beyond the clutter.  Keep reading to find out we chatted about below.

Peace Restored Organizing



Q: How did Peace Restored Organizing get started?

A: I never saw myself as an organized person, but I love to organize.  In fact, I de-stress when clearing out a drawer or closet.  People that I’ve been connected to saw this and pulled me into their homes and into their storage rooms. Through life experience of working in an office, I knew I needed to do something hands-on and began researching what it would take to become a professional organizer. I received training from NAPO and through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization to be able to work with clients who feel like they can never get organized.  After a year and half of researching, I launched my business Peace Restored Organizing.  What I bring to my clients is a journey to evaluate their things and I’m just guiding the process and helping them realize what they can let go of.


Q: What is the process like?

A: We start with a phone conversation and discover their ultimate goal. I gather as much information as possible over the phone.   I try to encourage my clients to work in the space that is going to help get rid of stress and the greatest amount of peace.  We identify the purpose of the space for their family and work until the project is completed. 


Q: Can you describe your customers?

A: My clients come from an array of different backgrounds.  I work with people who are in life transitions, who have chronic disorganization, and for the person who doesn’t think its possible to be organized.  Some of my clients with situational disorganization are people who may be moving, just had a baby, transitioning to a marriage, downsizing, or even the passing of a loved one.   


Q: What are your business passions/interests?

A: I have always been fascinated by the “why” in psychology.  When I go into a home and see that a client is embarrassed, I honestly don’t see the clutter.  I only see the person.  We all have a love affair or some kind of relationship to our things.  They evoke memories and feelings.  I am more interested in helping the person through the process of identifying.  I’m not a therapist or a counselor, but I am aware.  


Q: What do customers take away from your business?

A: They feel like they can finally get a hold of their clutter and can breathe when they walk in their closet.  


Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

A: In order to do all of the hard work and heavy lifting, I take pilates at Club Pilates in Collegeville. They focus on core strength and body alignment.   I have a lot of fun there and it also helps me get ready to do a lot of the hard tasks.


Q: If your business were a book, song, or famous artwork, what would it be and why?

A: I look at my clients like a life story.  I often think of this path that I am on with each of clients and where we end up is a much better place.  


Q: What is your favorite food item?

A: I love brie and red wine.   


Q:  Do you support any charities?

A: The charity I support is called Miracles from Maggie.  They help support families once they go through treatments for terminally ill children.  


Peace Restored Organizing is a safe haven for people wanting to de-stress their lives.  If you’re ready to make that jump to peaceful living contact Denise below!


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