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May 8, 2018

Eight Years of Marriage | Personal Post

Open Love Letter to Dan

Eight Year AnniversaryAbout Me

Today marks eight years of being married.  Eight years of pure joy, excitement, and anticipation.  Within these eight years came about two beautiful souls that have tested us to our limits.  I wouldn’t trade it all for anything: the good, the bad, and everything in between.  Here is my open love letter to a man that steals my heart on a daily basis.



Dear Dan,

It’s been a beautiful eight years together. Despite the hard times, and the good, every little moment has its place in teaching us more about each other. 

Eight years of marriage has shown us how to balance each other’s weaknesses and strengths.  When one of us is down we know right away just how to cheer the other up. We support each other through thick and thin – even if it means we may disagree with each other.  We work on our relationship and constantly work to keep it in check.  You have supported all of my crazy ideas, even when I came home one day to tell you that I didn’t want to consume any more animal products and eat a vegan diet.  All throughout us working on our marriage, you have managed to keep the toilet seat down, clean the cat’s litter box (since I was pregnant with Elise), locking the house up before bed, managing our finances, giving me foot rubs and treats, and cooking me delicious vegan meals. 

In all of this, somehow I miss you when you leave for work, when I see a funny video, while I’m driving, and sometimes even in my sleep.  I can’t imagine my life without you, because you’re everywhere and I’m so grateful for every minute with you.  

Twenty years from now, I can’t wait to drink our coffee in the morning together while bird watching and taking in the view of the mountains we live in.  Caring for all the odd rescue animals I may bring to the house without asking you first. And finally learning how to play chess so I can mercilessly beat you.  

I love you fiercely and with every fiber in me.  Life has never been so good than with you by my side. You’re my everything.

Love always,




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