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February 9, 2018

Beth Ann’s Flowers: Business Spotlight

Beth Ann’s Flowers

Mother & Daughter Flower Shop

Beth Ann’s Flowers is the kind of place, that once you enter its doors you know you’ll be taken good care of.  I first stumbled upon this flower shop while looking for some display ideas around Christmas last year.  I’ll never forget how much information I received after my visit there.  I knew I had to come back and hear more of their story.


I had a moment to sit with the owner, Beth Ann, and ask a couple questions about her business.

How did the business get started?

My husband worked for a florist in Phoenixville over 35 years ago.  We decided to open another store in Royersford and bought the home we live in now and opened the storefront.  My son says we “live amongst the flowers.”

What products/services do you sell?

We sell flowers, bouquets, corsages, vases, balloons, and small gifts for many occasions including weddings, sympathy, thank you, etc. But, most people come to us for design.  My signature style is different than any other style you can find around here.  It has a lot of depth, heights, texture to make an arrangement my own.  I tend to use flowers that are long lasting, but I use them in a different way.  Instead of using greens in my foam, I’ll cover it in baby’s breath and make my arrangement spring out of it.  I keep current year round.  I go to flower shows in Philly and Bloomsburg every year.

What is your business known for?

Everyone calls me and tell me how wonderful my daughter is.  Once people come in here, they come back.  They come in and get a personal relationship with us.  We have a huge loyal customer base.  To us, it’s not just a business.  We want to make a living and not a killing.  We take it as a calling to serve others.

What do customers take away from your business?

Aside from our products, service, and a personal relationship they also receive education in our products.  Flowers are interesting and come from all over the world.

Can you describe your customers?

We have customers from all walks of life.  You get treated the same way whether you come in to buy a single rose or a whole wedding arrangement.

How has the flower industry changed?

The flower industry has changed drastically in the thirty-five five years.  We used to have wholesalers in our neighborhood, but because of fuel oil cost going up so high, there are now fewer greenhouse distributors. Our one in Bloomsburg grow lilies, Gerber daisies, and alstroemeria flowers.  And they are wonderful and they are fresh and they are a wonderful family-owned business.  In the winter time, our wholesalers are sourced from Japan, Africa, India.  It is totally amazing.  Of course, Holland and Netherlands are other ones with greenhouses year round.  In South America, the place they grow coffee is also the best place to grow roses.

Where did you get your passion from? 

I’ve always loved flowers.  I can remember my grandmother cutting flowers for me to take home and put into a wet paper towel, and tin foil.  And then I’d go cut a couple roses off our bush and bringing them to her house.  I went to Ursinus with a biology major, so it happened by accident to find out what I love to do.  And I still love it to this day.

What quote do you find inspiration from?

“The world laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Favorite food item:


Favorite flower:

Meghan likes flowers that are unique and different, like the Astilbe.

Beth Ann’s favorite flower is a miniature carnation because of its smell.  She said, “They have a smell that I love.  I can have everything but I want to pick something run of the mill because I love the smell.  It’s kind of a clove spicy kind of smell.  So what I like to do is put a little vase on my desk, or on my kitchen sink and bury my nose in it.”

Beth Ann’s Flowers is a warm and inviting place offering a personal relationship with everyone who enters its doors.  They are more than just a local flower shop.  This mother and daughter team aspire to create beauty in the products they offer as well as the services they provide.

To visit Beth Ann’s Flowers:

426 Main St Royersford, PA

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm




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