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November 18, 2017

Black & White Film

Portraits on Film
film portraits

This beauty has been my sidekick for the past several months now.  It is a bad ass medium format film camera. In it are the most beautiful noises and hardware my hands have ever touched.  Everything from it’s mechanical noises to its unorthodox waist viewfinder.  It has been a beautiful process of discovering what different types of film speak to me and it has come to this… this beautiful creamy goodness of black and white.

Along with taking portraits with my digital camera, I have been passionately taking portraits in the most beautiful black and white film my eyes have ever seen. Here are some of my most recent portraits on film. One roll, no edits.
film portraits film portraits film portraits film portraits film portraits film portraits

There is something so intimate about black and white film that is so timeless.  No other art medium, like black and white, can dramatize little moments like these.  One day your children will outgrow you and all you’ve have left are these precious moments captured.  You can never get those moments back, but you can remember those sweet little details in portraits.   Sweet moments like these are worth the investment.  Tell your story, preserve it, and cherish it for as long as you can.

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