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September 22, 2017

The Portrait Process

The Portrait Process: from Beginning to End

Whether you have experience being photographed by a professional or not, each portrait process is different.  I am very passionate about providing tangible items that are unique and custom designed to fit your needs.


This meet and greet are simply to see if I am a match for your needs.  Because I only shoot a certain amount of families per year, I want to make sure that we vibe and our styles compliment each other.  Often times we meet at a local coffee shop for half an hour or more.  During this process, I will learn more about your photography needs and style.  I like to feed off your ideas and create something unique further discussing wardrobe, location and time that is the best fit for your needs. Each portrait session is unique to the persons involved.  I thrive in knowing I am creating a piece of art you can’t get anywhere else.

Portrait Session

After the consultation is the portrait session.  I try to make this as quick and painless for younger children.  Prior to the portrait session, I guide my clients in a successful and enjoyable session with a session guide.  This session guide includes tips and tricks.  My main focus during a portrait session is for everyone involved to relax, enjoy, and take it all in.  These times aren’t going to last forever and so I ask for you to pause and simply enjoy one another.  Think about what you will want to remember years from now.  Remember how their little hand fits into yours, how they sink into your lap like butter.  Brush the hair out of their face, and simply enjoy this time together.Portrait Process

Ordering Appointment

After what feels like forever, I will meet you at your home for the ordering appointment.  This is usually within two weeks of your portrait session.  I will show up at your door and joke about how it looks like I am moving in with everything I brought with me.  I like to start with showing your images in a slideshow and get first-hand reactions to your images. During this time I ask that you simply enjoy the slideshow like a movie and not to worry about which images you like and would like to order.

Portrait Process


Lastly, depending on what you have ordered, it can take up to 5 weeks to deliver your keepsakes to your door.  I hand deliver items ensuring they are ready for you to enjoy.

Portrait Process


I hope you enjoyed reading the portrait process with New Willow Photography. If you have any questions or would like to chat further about your custom designed session, please contact me here.