The Ultimate Photographer Touch-Up Kit (Outdoor Photo Sessions)Photographer Touch Up Kit On Location Photo Sessions

You never know, while shooting in the outdoors, when you may need a couple things.  Many people have shown up to realize they forgot that extra safety pin or to style their kid’s hair.  And then, there are times when unexpected circumstances come up during their session – the wind may start to pick up, or the location we chose is swarming with mosquitos.  I know what it’s like to be in desperate need of last minute items before getting in front of the camera.   Over the years I’ve acquired a list of the most needed items and assembled them into an ultimate “touch-up kit.”


This year I’m proud to have this kit accessible for all my on location clients. Keep reading to find out what’s inside my “touch-up kit.” Photographer Touch Up Kit On Location Photo Sessions

  1. Safety
    1. Tylenol
    2. Neosporin
    3. Band Aids
    4. Hand Sanitizer
    5. Tweezers
    6. Saline Solution
  2. Clothing Mishaps
    1. Scissors
    2. Sewing Kit
    3. Safety Pins of all sizes
    4. Lint Roller
  3. Beauty
    1. Bobby Pins
    2. Hairspray
    3. Hair Ties
    4. Hair Clip
    5. Makeup Remover
    6. Dry Invisible Spray
    7. Tissues
    8. Q-Tips
    9. HD Powder
    10. Lip Gloss
    11. Makeup Brushes
    12. Makeup Remover
    13. Floss
  4. Misc.
    1. Bug Spray
    2. Altoids
    3. Clothespin
    4. Clamps
    5. Mirror

I’ve got your covered for all the mishaps that can happen before or even during your session.

Did I miss anything?  Is there something you may want to add to the touch-up kit?

Photographer Touch Up Kit On Location Photo Sessions

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