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June 30, 2017

Peace Valley Lavender Farm | Family Session

Family Portraits at the Lavender Farm

Peace Valley Lavender Farm Family Session
The sweet scent of the lavender farm filled up my senses as I drew nearer to the farm.  I had never felt more relaxed while at Peace Valley Lavender Farm as I sat soaking up that gorgeous aroma while watching the wind dance between the rows of lavender.

It has become such a special experience documenting this family, from the time mom and dad were engaged up until their second child.  It makes me burst with joy watching their lives unfold.  I can only speak from experience knowing how fast the years fly by and how suddenly our children change.

My favorite photos are the moments I fade into the background and the family interacts with one another.  Moments like these tell their life story.  It brings up emotions of how each person has its own unique personalities and character.  The sweet little dimples on their children’s cheeks, and the loving gazes looking upon them.  This family shares the joy of love and the beauty it holds within. Family Lavender Farm Portraits

My goal is to make you feel the story behind these images.  They tell stories about love, hard work, good days, and bad.  Through everything in their life, it is important to document the love they share.

Family Lavender Farm Portraits

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