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May 31, 2017

My Favorite Place

In my favorite place … a walk in the woods.

Valley Forge National Park photographer

I had never been the “outdoor” type.  In fact, hiking in the outdoors was never appealing to me while growing up or in my early adult years.

…and then, without warning, everything changed the moment I held my daughter for the first time.  

Valley Forge National Park photographerHaving kids has changed my perspective on almost everything.  The most surprising are finding satisfaction in the most unexpected things.

It’s easy to think our world is so small and full of worry and trouble.  In fact, I struggle with the idea that I’m doing it all wrong and setting the worst example for those beady little eyes that watch my every move.

Valley Forge National Park photographerI can’t help but think, what do I do next?  Am I doing it right?  What is everyone else doing?  And worst of all… what would others think?  Those questions begin an endless trail of incessant doubts.  And then another thought trickles into my mind… what is all this for?Valley Forge National Park photographer

It always comes back to the same answer.  I find it in my favorite place, where my soul discovers what matters the most.  Into the woods, it clears my head and inspires me to enjoy life.  Our family enjoys creating little “adventures” along the way.  We celebrate how many years a tree has lived by looking at its rings and finding caterpillars that one day will turn into butterflies.  And often imagine our lives as explorers overcoming barriers obstructing our path.

Valley Forge National Park photographer

Go explore, adventure awaits.
Valley Forge National Park photographer

Interested in shooting at my favorite place?  Contact me here.