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March 16, 2017

How to Choose Your Family Photographer

How to Choose the Perfect Family Photographer

Choosing your family photographer is important
in preserving your family memories.How to Choose Family Photographer Beautiful Images

I decided to write this guide to help clients understand the importance of choosing a family photographer.  These tips are especially relevant in helping you choose a photographer that is best for preserving your family memories.



It’s simple, our time with our children goes by way too fast.  Without delay, they outgrow their clothes and milestones fly by.

As a result, my mission is to inspire and connect those moments … bringing back those memories of rocking your newborn, fitting their small hands in yours, chasing your toddler, and teaching life lessons to a mini you.  These moments need to be clung onto forever.


Choose your family photography

It was once said:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”


Pricing is the most important and sometimes the least talked about subject when considering a photographer.

Choose a photographer whose work you fall in love with and feel you can’t live without. It is a photographer’s mission to obsess over your photos long after you receive them.

Therefore, you should love their work enough that what they have to offer is an investment rather than a price tag.



Ask your friends who have recently gotten their pictures taken.  If you especially like the style of their portrait photos and feel it would be a good fit for you, ask them about their experience with their photographer.

Google contains an abundance of photographers that you can search by location or style. Don’t just use the first photographer you see.  It is worth your time to compare photographers.



Most clients want natural photographs of their children laughing, but also want a beautiful family portrait for their family to treasure forever.

Some approaches to our photography are below.



A family photographer needs the skills to produce great photographs in any situation. They should understand light and demonstrate the ability to create stunning photos in the darkest of rooms.

Don’t let a photographer tell you they lack certain skills because they are a “natural light photographer.”  A lack of skills in key areas is a sign that they most likely have not yet mastered their craft.

For this reason, it is important to compare qualities of each photographer’s work.



Make sure your photographer has backup equipment with them at your shoot.  This includes camera bodies, lenses, storage cards, lighting equipment, etc.  In the event an accident could occur, I make sure to have at least 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses, an ample amount of storage cards and backup flash.

A qualified photographer should have professional equipment.  Using good equipment produces high-quality results – in regard to sharpness and clarity.

In addition to owning professional backup equipment, it is vital for photographers to have indemnity and equipment insurance.  Some locations even require a photographer to prove they have a valid certificate of insurance.

Photographers with necessary gear and insurance give you, and everyone involved, a peace of mind.

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Most of all, your photographer can influence the end result of your shoot if your personalities are compatible.

You should feel excited about your shoot and at ease in trusting your photographer’s skills and craft.

Your images will reflect whether or not you are comfortable with your photographer.  Surprisingly, your eyes, hands, body, and smile often reveal your ease and connection with the photographer.

Therefore, It is crucial to choose a photographer that maintains a connection that will result in authentic and timeless images for you to treasure.


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