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February 17, 2017

Facebook LIVE & DSLR Photography Cheat Sheet

This week you may have seen me over on Facebook live answering the most asked photography questions I receive from friends and family. “What camera do you use?” and most of all, “What are some tips and tricks I can try with my new DSLR?”  If you missed it you can view it here.

During the video, I mentioned working on creating a DSLR “cheat sheet” for friends looking to further their photography.  This resource is for people who have a DSLR or are interested in learning more about DSLR camera settings.  On this sheet are my “top 4 tips for taking beautiful photos” and a chart visually demonstrating exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings.  

This cheat sheet may benefit a budding photographer or people interested in learning more about their camera.  It is free for you to print it out, laminate, or even put it in your camera bag for reference.  It is free for you to use!  Just please don’t sell it.  I worked very hard making it.

Finally, by signing up for this “cheat sheet” you will receive it in your inbox and subscribe to my email list.  Please know that I am not the type to send you an email every week, therefore, I would only love to share special offers with you once every couple months.




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